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The Interchangeable Concept Ring not only makes a statement on your hand but can also be worn as a pendant necklace. The stunning design is a definite conversation starter that only continues to wow when people find out how versatile it is. Pictured with a gorgeous citrine gemstone, any gemstone would look absolutely breathtaking.

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Maintaining the Beauty of Your Jewelry

Jewelry maintenance is just as important as the jewelry itself when it comes to long-term wear. Over time, chemicals in the air corrode at the metals, causing tarnish. Jewelry can also get dull over time or take on hues as the top plating of metal wears off. Here are some ways to keep your jewelry looking brand new even years later.

Rhodium Plating

Most white gold jewelry and some silver jewelry are plated in rhodium. Rhodium is a metal that is resistant to tarnishing. However, over time jewelry loses its brilliance and lust and can get dull as the rhodium wears away. To restore jewelry to a like new condition, jewelers will re-dip it in rhodium. This is most common for white gold jewelry since it begins to take on a yellow hue as the rhodium wears off but has become increasingly more common for silver jewelry to delay tarnishing.

Proper Cleaning

To maintain the original luster of your fine jewelry, it is important to wipe down your jewelry after you wear it with a cleaning or polishing cloth. This cloth removes any excess dirt or materials that have gathered on your jewelry through daily wear. The daily wipe will help slow down how quickly your jewelry tarnishes.

Storing Your Jewelry

Storing your jewelry is just as important to maintaining the beauty of your jewelry. After you finish wearing your jewelry, your storage should be airtight in order to minimize the airflow the jewelry receives and to avoid tarnish. Plastic bags are a great, inexpensive choice for storage.

Summer Wedding Jewelry Trends

Summertime is such a popular time to have a wedding, and here is why: it’s the perfect weather for an outdoor wedding where the sun is sure to make your diamonds sparkle! When planning a summer wedding, there are many stunning themes that can help you choose the perfect jewelry for your special day.

Vintage: The vintage art deco style has been prominent since the release of “Great Gatsby.” Highlighted by geometric shapes and intricate patterns, a vintage wedding can not only take you back to the 1920s era but can transform you into a stylish and elegant bride. Anjolee has a gorgeous vintage bracelet collection that can help complete your look, or you could opt for the more traditional and classic teardrop pendant that will surely showcase you on your special day.

Beach: Who wouldn’t want to be married listening to the waves lap while standing on the soft, warm sand on a sunny day? Beach weddings are becoming increasingly more common as a less expensive wedding option that is still unique and fun. Gold accents suit the beach as well as simple geometric designs. Often times, beach attire is flowy and unrestrained so having something clean and simple can add an interesting contrast.

Floral: Floral has become a huge trend throughout fashion and, of course, weddings. Some weddings are all about the flowers, and we all know how hard it can be to get them just right. Summertime is also one of the best times for beautiful blooms. Floral trends have even become popular in jewelry. A floral bracelet and studs add an earthy, natural element to your look and often appears very dainty and feminine.

Indie and Bohemian: With a tight budget, indie and bohemian weddings have become the next new fad. Do-it-yourself is no longer frowned upon and actually encouraged! Unfortunately, it is not quite so easy to make your own diamond jewelry. Indie and bohemian weddings often have their own unique feel and should have unique jewelry to complement that! Bangles, bracelets with a pop of color, or modern necklaces are the way to go.

Cathedral: Though traditional, a cathedral or church wedding held in the summer can be gorgeous, especially locations with large stained glass windows to catch the sun. Jewelry that complements or imitates the architecture of a cathedral can complete your outfit stunningly. Consider choosing a matching necklace, bracelet, and earring set or finding a statement piece that stands out.



Bridal Jewelry!

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Watch her face light up brighter than the Fourth of July, when you pop the big question with an Anjolee engagement ring! Our design team has been hard at work, creating the most original designs for you to choose from. Until the end of July, you can take 10% off your bridal jewelry order using the coupon code FBBRIDAL at checkout.

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Introducing the Pear Collection!

Introducing Anjolee’s newest earring and pendant designs featuring pear shaped diamonds. The matching earring and pendant sets are the perfect combination of class and beauty with a double halo and the option to purchase in diamond or gemstone. See them for yourself!

Vintage Teardrop Diamond Earrings

Style No.: SE83








Vintage Teardrop Diamond and Gemstone Earrings

Style No.: SE83-Gem








Vintage Teardrop Diamond Pendant

Style No.: SP83









Vintage Teardrop Diamond and Gemstone Pendant

Style No.: SP83-Gem


Anjolee Lookbook 2015

The Anjolee Lookbook was created to share Anjolee’s most desired pieces of jewelry.

Starting with their vast collection of rings, Anjolee is certain there is a style for every woman. Customers will discover an engagement ring to propose with, a uniquely designed eternity ring, or the perfect anniversary ring to commemorate those huge milestones.

Discover a classic pair of studs or the perfect diamond drop earrings to complete any ensemble.

Being the leading manufacturer of the diamond tennis bracelet for the past 30 years, Anjolee has expanded their collection to include designer, red carpet and vintage styles as well.

For those who love to be absolutely dripping in diamonds, Anjolee’s diamond tennis necklace and pendant collection is a must see!

The company hopes you enjoy browsing through this publication and are inspired by the art that is fine jewelry.


New Eternity Ring Designs!

At Anjolee, our design team is continuously creating new designs! Our extensive collection of eternity ring styles sets us apart from other jewelry manufacturers. Anjolee welcomes you to view our unique collection and continue to check for new designs.

Luxurious Diamond Eternity Ring
Style No.: EB1047


Diamond Twined Eternity Ring
Style No.: EB1049


Sensational 3 Row Eternity Ring
Style No.: EB1055


Introducing Anjolee’s Newest Ring Designs!

This spring Anjolee is releasing their best designs yet! There is no doubt the passion that shows through when the designers crafted these styles. Whether its intricately placed baguettes on an eternity ring or a combination of round and princess diamonds being a showcased on a timeless tennis bracelet, these designs are sure to mesmerize all who are around.

Exquisite Classic Diamond Bracelet
Style No.: SB839


Timeless Elegance Diamond Pendant
Style No.: SP86


Luxurious Diamond Anniversary Ring
Style No.:SR47


Salient Upright Diamond Baguette Ring
Style No.: SR64


Anjolee Best Selling Photo Shoot!

It is easy to see that the Anjolee designers put so much thought and consideration into creating only the most beautiful styles for their consumers. Attention to detail is key when it comes to creating the highest in quality of fine diamond jewelry and this is truly something that Anjolee has achieved in each of their creations. After carefully assessing each style, Anjolee has created a best selling collection in order to showcase their most popular and beautiful designs – this all began with a photo shoot.

When planning the Anjolee photo shoot for the best selling designs, it was pertinent that every aspect had to be perfect. The models, the staff, the studio, the environment – all of these were carefully assessed to ensure we would be able to capture the pure beauty of the jewelry. Swimming in diamonds, the models showed off the radiant jewelry in such a manner, all who were involved were truly left in awe.

To view Anjolee’s lookbook of best selling designs and to indulge yourself in the art that is fine jewelry, please click the following link: http://www.anjolee.com/AnjoleeCatalog/index.html#

JAG_8215_FacebookJAG_8590_FacebookJAG_8314 fb

JAG_8718 fb

Anjolee invites you to a special sneak peek to the behind the scenes look at the Anjolee Best Selling Photo Shoot.

Devon 1

Devon 3



Special thanks to all who were involved in this amazing day!

Photographer – Josh Green
Hair/Make-Up Artist – Brittany Bates
Model – Emily Jones
Model – Devon Barnes


Timeless. Distinctive. Beautiful.


A diamond pendant is a small accessory that creates a large statement. Adding a pendant as an everyday accessory is easy and affordable with so many options to choose from. Create a simple, sophisticated look with a solitaire pendant or a trendy and fresh look with a halo design. All pendants are available in Yellow, White or Two-Toned gold. Customize your diamond pendant today and add a unique sparkle to your everyday routine.

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