It’s all in the Details…

Jewelry can have personality and character making each piece unique from another. There are several design elements and techniques that can be used to add a touch of flare to a jewelry design. In Anjolee’s line, you may see the following details;

Millgrain Millgrain: with this technique you will see small beads along the edges on the jewelry piece.




FiligreeFiligree: this design technique features intricate designs and beautiful artwork, intertwined within the metal of the piece. Different types of Filigree include: plain, twisted or plated.



EngravingInside engraving: for several of Anjolee’s designs there is an option for engraving. You can add a personalized message making a piece special and unique.



Trend Alert: Bold Jewelery!

“Diamonds are a girls best friend!” Marilyn Monroe sang it best in her film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in 1953. At Anjolee, we definitely agree that diamonds are truly our best friend and with the latest trend alert being bold jewelry we felt like introducing to you some of our favorite, bold, diamond pieces that you can add to your collection.

Four Row Diamond Bracelet


Diamond Bolero Tie Necklace


Shared Prong Eternity Style Matching Bridal Set


Mrs. Clooney Inspired Engagement Rings

April 22nd, 2014 – The day heartbreak was heard around the world. George Clooney, arguably one of this planet’s sexiest men, proposed to his girlfriend, human rights attorney, Amal Alamuddin.

To say Amal is the luckiest girl in the world would be an understatement. Not only did she just marry THE George Clooney, but he also gave her a 7+ carat engagement ring, valued at a jaw dropping $750,000.00.

Unfortunately, Anjolee can’t help you tie down the next most eligible bachelor, but we can help you customize a beautiful engagement ring inspired by Amal’s stunning emerald cut engagement ring.

Perfect Princess Cut Engagement Ring

MS119A Princess

Emerald Cut Solitaire Ring


Emerald Cut Side Channel Ring








Take a look at our newest ring designs!

Our Delightful Diamond Anniversary ring offers elegance and style with two sizes of stones flowing across the top of the band. A gorgeous addition to any collection!







Delightful Diamond Anniversary Ring 
Style No. SR88


Show stopper! The Red Carpet Sparkles Eternity Ring offers beautiful princess cut diamonds framed by glittering round stones! This design is sure to inspire awe and amazement. Customize yours today and dress up any outfit!

EB1045-medium_w EB1045-medium_y







Red Carpet Sparkles Eternity Ring
Style No. EB1045


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instagram 1Are you following us on Instagram? Check out our page to stay up to date on our newest products! We encourage you to take pictures of you wearing our pieces and make sure you #Anjolee so we can see and share with other followers. We love posting our stunning designs but nothing makes us happier than seeing our beautiful customers wearing our jewelry.

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Calling All October Baby’s!

People born in October have a very special gemstone known as the Opal. This gemstone ranges from milky white to almost black with flashes of blue, red, yellow, orange, and green. Many believe that since Opal contains all the colors of other gemstones that it must embody all the powers of the other stones as well, meaning that it brings good fortune. It is thought that Opal’s have “a soul of their own” and will adapt its soul to whoever is lucky enough to be wearing it.

Looking to create a special gemstone piece to add to your collection? Browse today to build your ring, earrings, bracelet, or necklace!

Introducing the Newest Bridal Set to Anjolee!

The Alluring Diamond Bridal Set is absolutely exquisite! A combination of round and baguette stones complement the center diamond on the engagement ring wonderfully. The unique feature and appeal for this set comes from the baguette stones. Sold separately or as a set, these rings will draw attention from all around it.

The Alluring Diamond Bridal Set

ms229_bridal_w_m ms229_bridal_y_m

Alluring Diamond Engagement Ring

 MS229-A-medium_w MS229-A-medium_y

Alluring Diamond Band


New anniversary rings!

New styles of our anniversary rings have just arrived and they are beautiful! Each ring offers something different whether it be a unique band, an interesting setting, or a remarkable cut stone. As always, you can customize this ring to your taste with metal type, total carat weight, and diamond quality. Show the love of your life just how much you care with one of these gorgeous rings!


Woven Diamond Anniversary Ring

Woven Diamond Anniversary Ring Woven Diamond Anniversary Ring


Unique Shared Prong Diamond Anniversary Ring

Unique Shared Prong Diamond Anniversary Ring Unique Shared Prong Diamond Anniversary Ring


Dazzling Diamond Anniversary Ring

Dazzling Diamond Anniversary Ring Dazzling Diamond Anniversary Ring


Everlasting Romance Diamond Anniversary Ring

SR97-medium_w SR97-medium_y