Anjolee Best Selling Photo Shoot!

It is easy to see that the Anjolee designers put so much thought and consideration into creating only the most beautiful styles for their consumers. Attention to detail is key when it comes to creating the highest in quality of fine diamond jewelry and this is truly something that Anjolee has achieved in each of their creations. After carefully assessing each style, Anjolee has created a best selling collection in order to showcase their most popular and beautiful designs – this all began with a photo shoot.

When planning the Anjolee photo shoot for the best selling designs, it was pertinent that every aspect had to be perfect. The models, the staff, the studio, the environment – all of these were carefully assessed to ensure we would be able to capture the pure beauty of the jewelry. Swimming in diamonds, the models showed off the radiant jewelry in such a manner, all who were involved were truly left in awe.

To view Anjolee’s lookbook of best selling designs and to indulge yourself in the art that is fine jewelry, please click the following link:

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Anjolee invites you to a special sneak peek to the behind the scenes look at the Anjolee Best Selling Photo Shoot.

Devon 1

Devon 3



Special thanks to all who were involved in this amazing day!

Photographer – Josh Green
Hair/Make-Up Artist – Brittany Bates
Model – Emily Jones
Model – Devon Barnes


Timeless. Distinctive. Beautiful.


A diamond pendant is a small accessory that creates a large statement. Adding a pendant as an everyday accessory is easy and affordable with so many options to choose from. Create a simple, sophisticated look with a solitaire pendant or a trendy and fresh look with a halo design. All pendants are available in Yellow, White or Two-Toned gold. Customize your diamond pendant today and add a unique sparkle to your everyday routine.

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6 Ways to Avoid Tarnishing

One of the most common problems faced with new jewelry is tarnishing. It is always disappointing when your new masterpiece starts to lose its shine and luster the more you wear it. In order to prevent jewelry from tarnishing, it is important to understand what tarnish is. Tarnish, a layer of corrosion that develops on the surface of some metals, is caused by sulfur and other airborne materials that come in contact with jewelry through storing it in open air. The following are six easy ways to avoid tarnish at home and keep your jewelry as shiny and bright as when you first got it.

  1. Plastic Bags: Storing pieces of jewelry in airtight plastic bags will restrict airflow to the jewelry and slow down the process of tarnish.
  2. Pacific Cloth: Pacific cloth, which is also known as Silver Tarnish Cloth, can be bought at most fabric stores. Wrapping or covering jewelry with this cloth will reduce the exposure to sulfur and other corrosive chemicals. However, the cloth cannot reduce tarnish once it has occurred.
  3. No-Tarnish Strips: No-tarnish strips are available online or in some jewelry stores. They can be put in with your jewelry and changed every two or three months. Once again, the strips can only prevent tarnishing rather than remove it.
  4. Chalk: Chalkboard chalk works in the same way as no-tarnish strips, absorbing the airborne chemicals. You can put a few of these with your jewelry to prevent tarnish. They should be changed every few months, as well.
  5. Daily Wipe: Wiping down jewelry at the end of the day with a jewelry cleaning or polishing cloth can remove materials that have settled on the surface of jewelry throughout the day.
  6. Orange Juice:  Soaking jewelry in orange juice or any other acidic liquid can help remove tarnish, as well. The jewelry needs to be submerged for a few minutes for effects to take place.

Trending Engagement Rings

As the New Year is well under way, it is time to look at the rising trends in engagement rings. While Anjolee can’t find you the perfect man, we can provide you with the perfect ring to last a life time. The following are some of the most popular engagement ring styles to suit every woman’s needs:

Solitaire: Solitaire rings have always been perfect for a timeless look that never goes out style. They are simple yet elegant and easily paired with a gorgeous diamond wedding band.


Embellished Band: An embellished band can add a bit of bling to the simple design of the solitaire ring. For woman who likes a little bit more to look at, this is a great balance between simplicity and shine. Whether it is a two-row diamond or split shank band, this style gives a lot of freedom of expression to help you find your perfect ring.




Princess Cut: The princess cut is perhaps a more unique and less seen cut of diamond, but it is perfect for a woman who wants to stand out. Many celebrities such as The View’s Sherri Shepard can be seen wearing this style for their own engagement rings.




Halo: Halo rings became popular in the 1920’s and have stayed that way ever since. The accent stones around the main diamond give it added sparkle and can enhance its size, as well. The art deco feel to the design fits the modern and contemporary woman and is sure to stand out.



Woven Band: A woven band adds a bit of a twist to the more classic design. The woven design is said to represent the infinity symbol of everlasting love.


Introducing the Open Leaf Collection!

The Open Leaf Collection is a unique selection of pieces that are absolutely stunning. The open leaf design that makes up the four pieces would compliment any day or night outfit well. The simple single leaf design on the pendant and earrings is truly classic and the double leaf design would be perfect for the girl that prefers more diamonds!

Open Leaf Diamond Drop Earrings
Style No.: SE77


Open Double Leaf Diamond Drop Earrings
Style No.: SE77-A


Open Leaf Design Diamond Pendant
Style No.: SP77


Open Double Leaf Diamond Pendant
Style No.: SP77-A


Stunning New Ring Designs!

This February, Anjolee is introducing three new ring designs that are breathtakingly beautiful! Our craftsman have spent endless hours critiquing these designs to make them absolutely exquisite. If you order quickly, your order will arrive just in time for Valentine’s Day (hint, hint guys: Feb. 14th). For a limited time we’re introducing them to you for 15% off. Customize yours today!

Luxe Baguette Eternity Ring
Style No.: EB1046
Coupon Code: LUXE15


Braided Diamond Anniversary Ring
Style No.: SR87
Coupon Code: BRAID15


Concave 7 Row Diamond Anniversary Ring
Style No.: SR89
Coupon Code: 7ROW15


The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly and right now is the perfect time to place your orders for that special gift for that special someone. The most iconic symbol for love is the heart and we’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day by discounting two of our beautiful heart pendants to 20% off! You’ll leave her speechless with this gorgeous piece of jewelry that represents the love you two share.

Perfect Diamond Heart Pendant
Style No.: SP39
Coupon Code: VDAYSP39
Offer Expires: 02/14/15


Slanted Diamond Heart Pendant
Style No.: SP39-A
Coupon Code: VALSP39A
Offer Expires: 02/14/15


Introducing The Surrounded With Love Collection!

This one of a kind collection of beautiful jewelry features a halo design and boasts sparkle galore! Wearable for any occasion, the elegance of each style is sure to amaze!

Circle Designer Stud Earrings (Style No. ST976)







Surrounded With Love Diamond Drop Earrings (Style No. SE976)







Surrounded With Love Diamond Pendant (Style No. SP976)







Surrounded With Love Diamond Drop Pendant (Style No. SP976-A)



Valentine’s Day!

The holidays may have ended, but that does not mean the season of gift-giving is over. Right now is prime time to start considering and placing orders for Valentine’s Day! We’ve put together a gift guide for the perfect diamond jewelry presents that your loved one would be very appreciative of receiving on February 14th.

Double Row Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
Style No.: MS218-A


Perfect Diamond Band
Style No.: MS118B


Vintage Princess Cut Diamond Eternity Ring
Style No.: EB1014


Surrounded By Diamonds Designer Stud Earrings
Style No.: ST970


Diamond Dreams Tennis Bracelet
Style No.: SB854


Oval Colored Stone Bracelet
Style No.: B193


Open Leaf Design Diamond Pendant
Style No.: SP77


Most loved Tennis Bracelets of 2015!

At the end of each year, we compile a list of our top selling products. Here’s our top 6 Most Loved Tennis Bracelets of 2015:

  1. Classic Four Prong Tennis Bracelet: B369
  2. Classic Four Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet: SB871
  3. Princess Cut Dreams Bracelet : SB847
  4. Classic 4 Prong Tennis Bracelet: B131
  5. Half Bezel Confidence Tennis Bracelet: B117
  6. 3 Prong Dreams Tennis Bracelet: SB850