Three Prong Dream Tennis Bracelet

Reasons to Love Diamond Dreams Collection

Three Prong Dream Tennis Bracelet

Three Prong Dream Tennis Bracelet

Diamond Dreams Collection is one to LOVE!

My favorite bracelets are part of the ‘Diamond Dreams Collection’. Full of classic and modern designs, this collection marries a superior quality setting and exquisite design. All of the bracelets in this collection have a few things in common. First of all, they have a nearly invisible prong setting, so the emphasis is on the dazzling diamonds, rather than the gold or platinum setting. Second, the links sit very close together, so essentially you see very little gap between the links. In my opinion, this looks like a flawless strand of diamonds on the wrist.

The Collection Includes:

Diamond Dreams Tennis Bracelet, SB854

Timeless Dreams Tennis Bracelet, SB846

Princess Cut Dreams Bracelet, SB847

Vintage Dreams Diamond Bracelet, SB870-A

Three Prong Dreams Bracelet, SB850

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