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Ranging From: 5.76 - 10.58 Carats
5.76 ct. version is shown in the picture above
Round and Princess Diamond Bracelet
Style No.: SB868-A
Starting From: $6,903.56 
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Some pieces of jewelry make a statement – and this is one of them. Slip this stunning bracelet on your wrist – or the wrist of that special someone – and it will be impossible not to notice it! An important and substantial piece, this bracelet is, available in 3 different sizes. The different variations have between 245 and 285 diamonds – and are all set in glistening gold or platinum. Diamonds are set in a sleek and modern bracelet – which features a very smooth back and incredibly sturdy clasp. If you want to show the world you’re arrived, or perhaps you want to let that incredible woman in your life know how proud you are of her – this bracelet will do it!
Order By: 4 PM EST today
Ship On: Thursday, November 27
Delivery On: Friday, November 28