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Red Carpet Diamond Necklaces

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Ranging From: 19.08 - 20.03 carats
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Retail Price:
Starting From: $21,292.07
Style No.: SN899
Ranging From: 9.00 - 9.90 carats
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Retail Price:
Starting From: $9,894.93
Style No.: SN933
8.06 carats
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Retail Price:
Starting From: $9,109.32
Style No.: SN937
Ranging From: 5.03 - 14.95 carats
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Retail Price:
Starting From: $6,057.08
Style No.: SN863

If it’s your desire to own a piece of jewelry that really makes an entrance – then look no further. Our incredible Red Carpet Collection of necklaces features design marvels! These lovely pieces are the ones that turn any evening ensemble into a show-stopper! Put one of these outstanding necklaces on, and everyone in the room will know you’ve truly arrived……IN STYLE!

Tips for Customizing a Red Carpet Necklace:

Build the Tennis Necklace: Click on the image of the style you wish to customize based on preference of metal type, carat size, diamond quality, and length. To see the width and height of a particular style, simply hover over the Item Dimensions link in blue under the Carat Weight dropdown menu.

Choose the Best Diamonds: Personalize the red carpet necklace with a choice of diamond qualities. For more information about diamonds, visit the educational section covering the Four C’s of Diamonds. These are the four universally accepted characteristics by which diamonds are graded. The combination of a diamond’s attributes; cut, color, clarity and carat weight, affect the value of a diamond. For more detailed information about diamonds such as shape and symmetry, visit Diamond Education . A more detailed guide to buying necklaces can be found here.

Are you ready to walk down the aisle or red carpet event? You will be - once you are wearing one of our lovely red carpet diamond necklaces. Our incredibly high quality settings allow you to feel at ease wearing a beautiful red carpet necklace. For extreme glamour, look at our Triple Row Diamond Necklace. Make this necklace uniquely yours by customizing the metal type, diamond quality, and size and necklace length. Our customer’s love the creative design elements of the Diamond Checkerboard Necklace. As a white gold diamond necklace, this style really stands out from the rest!

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