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Anjolee issues a free Certificate of Authenticity for each diamond jewelry order. If you require a third-party certificate, you have the option of purchasing one from the International Gemological Institute (IGI). To add a certificate to any order, simply click the checkbox on the product configuration under the diamond quality section. Anjolee will send the jewelry item to the IGI on your behalf and have the jewelry item appraised and certified. Adding a third party appraisal typically adds 5 business days to the estimated delivery date shown on our website. Once the IGI has completed the jewelry inspection and printed the appraisal, Anjolee will notify you via email that your package has been shipped. All certified orders include the jewelry, IGI certificate, and standard documents issued by Anjolee.


International Gemological Information, a division of IGI was established in New York in 1981, as a source for unbiased appraisals of gems and jewelry. IGI is totally independent of all commercial sales organizations and does not trade in diamonds or precious stones. Thus, IGI is able to provide independent, accurate appraisals and identification reports.


IGI’s Appraisal Report provides a description of the gem of article of jewelry - its identification, weight, measurements, shape, cut, finish, proportions, clarity, color, and when appropriate, the quantity of precious stones. Also included are the identification, content and weight of precious metals. To further identify the item, an enlarged color photograph showing the details – and in the case of diamonds, a diagram indicating inclusions if any – is also provided (.95 ct. and above).

Consumers, retailers, jewelers, insurance companies, public accountants, financial planners, commercial banks and estate executors are assured of the most reliable and accurate gemological appraisal reports available today, thanks to IGI’s advanced technology and superior expertise in the field of gems and jewelry.

After you receive your IGI appraisal report with your jewelry item, you can verify it online. Click here to verify your report. The IGI also offers updated appraisal reports. To obtain an update on your original IGI appraisal, simply visit Click on Online Services and then Report Update to fill out an ’online report request’. The cost is $25.00.


The S.O.A. will summarize pertinent gemological factors with regard to an article of jewelry. Each article of jewelry is independently examined by experience graduate gemologists working in unison with certified, accredited gem and jewelry appraisers. These gemological factors include the authenticity and weight of the precious metals, identification and the quality of diamonds and gemstones.

A color photo of the article of jewelry is also indicated with each summation. IGI’s seal of inspection will be attached to each article of jewelry appraised and upon request the unique S.O.A. report number and IGI logo will be engraved into the shank of the ring for identification purposes.

IGI’s Summation of Appraisal is available in several formats. The computer generated micro-cert format fits perfectly into IGI’s new Appraisal Summary. This credit card format is available in a passport holder or an IGI box as well.

Returning an item that was purchased with an IGI Certificate:
Anjolee issues a free Certificate of Authenticity for each diamond jewelry order. Anjolee allows you to add to your order and purchase a third party certificate from the International Gemological Institute (IGI). Purchasing a third party IGI jewelry certificate is an optional feature. The exact cost of the certificate is shown while customizing each product, on the shopping cart, and on your invoice. Note that Anjolee does not refund the cost of the certificate in case of a return.