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Additional considerations when buying a necklace or pendant are: the type of chain, the clasp style, and the clasp assembly.

Chains are a series of connected metal links or loops with an attached-clasp assembly. There are several variations of chains, and the most popular are omega, rope, and box chain styles. When purchasing a diamond pendant, the chain is included. Typically, a fine jeweler will include the chain in the same metal type as the pendant.

The clasp is the mechanism used to attach both ends of the chain. The style of clasp used by the jeweler usually depends on the item. There are many different styles of clasps including the barrel, lobster claw, and spring ring.

The entire clasp assembly refers to the mechanism used to secure a chain. It typically consists of both a chain end andclasp. Parts of the assembly are evaluated for sturdiness in regards to any clasps, ends, rings and tags. A quality assembly should not feel like it could be easily broken.

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