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Necklaces & Pendants

A necklace is a staple for any jewelry wardrobe because of its versatility. From simple to ornate, there are many variations of necklace styles. Two of the most popular categories are pendants and necklaces. The difference between a necklace and a pendant is that a pendant usually hangs effortlessly from a chain compared to a diamond necklace which is constructed with gold or platinum links set with diamonds either partially or all the way around the neckline.

A pendant is an adornment designed to be suspended from either a chain or cord. A pendant will feature a bail style, which is an arched (often oval, teardrop, or d-shaped) metal component used to hang the pendant from the chain or cord. It is meant to slide onto the chain rather than being soldered to it so that the pendant moves independently from the chain and is not a permanent part of the chain or cord. Pendant styles also vary, and can include solitaire, slide, and locket. Choosing the style is not the only component to buying a necklace, you should also consider the length.

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Journey Diamond Pendants
A diamond journey necklace is a personal piece of jewelry that can symbolize a journey through life and love. Journey pendants can have graduated diamonds in unique and flattering designs. Customize your favorite design to add a touch of sparkle to any outfit. Some journey pendants have a circular design, which can represent eternal love and unity.  If you like your jewelry to have an antique feel, look for journey pendants that have a beaded edge around the diamonds.  If you are interested in buying a jewelry set, diamond journey pendants coordinate brilliantly with a set of diamond journey earrings. Often celebrating one of life's milestones, a journey pendant is a great gift idea for a recent graduate or special anniversary.

Designer Diamond Pendants
One of the most diverse categories of pendant necklaces, the designer diamond pendants is full of stunning options for any fashionable woman. This pendant collection contains many diamond and gemstone options that can be worn with both dressy and casual attires. Customize a pendant design in choice of seven different metal types and with diamonds or birthstones for a personalized gift.

Three Stone Diamond Pendants
Three stone diamond pendants feature three diamonds or gemstones set in a continuous vertical row. Typically, the stones are graduated from top to bottom. Three stone pendants can represent your past, present and future as a couple and are a wonderful alternative to the classic solitaire pendant. If you are interested in buying jewelry as a set, three stone necklaces coordinate beautifully with three stone earrings or ring. The three diamond look is very chic, if you want to mix it up, simply add your favorite gemstone for a vibrant and unique accessory. Three stone pendants are another great option for milestone gifts – perfect for an anniversary or birthday.

Diamond Necklaces
Wearing a diamond tennis necklace makes a lovely statement. These pieces are crafted in gold or platinum and are offered in many carat weights. Under the Classic Diamond Necklace category, you will find both graduated and non-graduated styles. A popular non-graduated style is known as the 'Riviera'. This style features similar sized diamonds all the way around the necklace. In contrast, a graduated necklace style starts with the largest stone in the center and gets smaller from that point.  Fancy categories include the Red Carpet Diamond Necklaces which are sophisticated pieces featuring a double or triple row design and the Fashion Diamond Necklaces which have
avant-garde styles.

A diamond necklace can be a great investment so spend the time to figure out whether you want something more 'all occasion' or something more 'special occasion'. If going for less formal, look at a diamond pendant necklace. These pendants come in a variety of styles and price points. If a more formal look is needed, look for a more detailed diamond necklace, a glamorous red carpet necklace, or simply stick with a classic diamond strand necklace. These are diamond strands set in shimmery gold or platinum that surrounds the neck.

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A pendant necklace will come with a coordinating chain in the same metal type as the pendant. The standard chain length for a pendant is 18", however, you can order a 16", 17" or 18" chain. Special length requests should be emailed to If you are ordering a diamond necklace, it should hit the center of your neckline. The standard length for diamond necklaces is 16" however, the length can be adjusted simply by adding small links to the back end of the necklace. In general there are three main categories for diamond necklace lengths: 16 inches is the 'standard' length, 18 inches is the 'princess' length and 24 inches is 'opera' length.

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