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Wedding & Anniversary Rings

An anniversary ring is a sentimental band of beauty that celebrates your union. Pair it with an engagement ring; wear it as a complement to your wedding band, or simply wear it on your right hand. A diamond anniversary band is a perfect reminder that your future as a couple will continue to shine. A diamond ring is a symbol of love and your commitment to each other. Selecting the perfect ring can be a difficult task, especially considering all the options for ring designs, metal type, diamond quality, and sizes. Anjolee offers a large variety of high quality anniversary rings, and has simplified the process of customizing your own rings in an easy and affordable way. If you need assistance, we are here to help guide you through the process.

Choose the Perfect Anniversary Ring

When it comes to selecting the perfect anniversary ring, there are some basic factors to consider; ring style, metal and setting type, diamond quality and width.

  • Anniversary rings come in a range of styles. The most popular styles include classic, vintage, modern and fancy. 
  • When choosing the setting and metal type, it is best to try and match it to her other bridal rings. Metal choices include 10k, 14k, 18k yellow and white gold or platinum. If she is wearing a simple four prong engagement ring made in 14k white gold, you can customize the anniversary band to be a classic four prong setting made out of the same gold type. If the bridal set is channel set, look for an anniversary ring style with a channel setting to match. The most popular setting types for anniversary rings include prong, shared prong and channel.
  • When selecting the diamond quality, keep in mind that the smaller carat sized diamonds will be less reliant on the clarity than the color. To the naked eye, it is more difficult to see natural inclusions on a small stone. It is recommended to upgrade the diamond color rather than go for the best clarity rating. For more information about diamond qualities, please refer to our Anjolee Diamond Standards.
  • Anniversary rings come in a variety of widths and depend on the ring style. The width and height of an anniversary band is an important factor to consider when you are looking to match a set of rings together. This information is shown on Step 2 of the ring customization process. With these details you can easily pair an anniversary ring with another one that will match both its height and width.

Diamond Ring vs. Eternity Ring

Some anniversary ring styles have diamonds set along the top portion of the ring only and some have diamonds set around the entire ring, called an eternity style ring. There are advantages to both styles. When the diamonds are set along the top portion only, you can save money by not having diamonds set all around the ring, but only on the top 'visible' part. Also, anniversary rings (which are not eternity rings) can be engraved with a personalized message on the inside or outside parts. The advantage of an eternity style ring is that since there are diamonds set all the way around the ring, you achieve sparkle from all sides of the ring.

Symbolism of Eternity Rings

Traditional eternity bands have a constant row of diamonds that completely encircle a band, signifying everlasting love. Eternity bands can be used as wedding rings or anniversary rings. The definition of an eternity band is a band with continuous diamonds all the way around it. Symbolically, it could be a great way to express your love for someone as an anniversary ring or from the very beginning of the relationship.

Anniversary Rings with Gemstones

A great way to add a personal touch to your anniversary ring is to include gemstones. Many of Anjolee's rings are offered with an alternating diamond and gemstone design. Some ideas for personalizing the ring are to include his/her birthstone(s), use the gemstone associated with your anniversary month or include the birthstones from your children. For more information about the gemstone options for your anniversary ring, please visit our Birthstone Education.

Wedding/Anniversary Ring as part of a Bridal Set

Buying a matching bridal set can save you time and money for many reasons. If you find a design you like, getting the matching bridal ring set (engagement ring and matching wedding ring) is an ideal solution. Some customers that buy an engagement ring first without buying the matching wedding ring find it hard to find the matching set later on. The result in this case is that the set does not look like it matches and esthetically not pleasing to the eye. Bridal sets fit perfectly together, like the two of you.

Engraving Options for your Anniversary Ring

Anjolee offers an engraving option for many of our wedding and bridal rings. Choose from two font types to personalize your unique message on the inside of your diamond ring. If an engraving option is available for a design, the product page will show you the details for the font and character limits for your engraveable message.