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Find Your Ring Size

Here are two methods to help you find your most accurate ring size:
Method 1: Measure an existing ring using the printable ring size guide below to determine the size of that ring.
Method 2: Measure your finger using the printable ruler and matching the mm to the chart.

Download Printable Ring Size Guide:


  • Your fingers can change size for various reasons:
    Weather – when it is cold your fingers are at their smallest or when it is humid, your fingers can swell.
    Weight – water retention, weight gain and loss.
    Health – certain health issues like high blood pressure or pregnancy.

  • Measure your finger during the middle of the day when they are their average size.

  • Measure for security and comfort.

  • Measure multiple times for accuracy.

If the ring is a surprise for a special someone, then it is best to ask their friends or family if they know their ring size.
We also suggest using one of their existing rings and utilize the first method to find their ring size.

All sizes listed are standard US sizes. The average ring size for women is between 5 and 7.
The ring size on your dominate hand may be half size larger.

If the ring requires adjustment in size, call an Anjolee Customer Service Agent at 877-265-6533 or email us
at Provide us with the order number and the size you would like the ring adjusted to and
we’ll send you information on how to ship the ring back to us for repair. Please note that some adjustments
in size will alter the shape of the ring, in this case Anjolee may make an entirely new ring in the correct size.
Adjustments in eternity rings usually require casting a new ring. If the adjustment increases the number
of diamonds/gems, this will be at the customer’s expense and if the adjustment decreases the number of
diamonds/gems then Anjolee will refund the customer the cost of the stones. After making the necessary
adjustments, we’ll send the ring back to you – free of charge.