If you require a different size or length after purchase, contact an Anjolee customer service
representative to make arrangements. Our manufacturing facility will make these adjustments
and ship back the item within a few business days.

Bracelet / Necklace: The length of the bracelets or necklaces are measured in their locked
position. The tongue/clasp is not included in the total length. If you need to make length
adjustments such as adding or removing links, we will apply the necessary charge
(for additional links) or refund (for links removed). You will need to speak with an Anjolee
representative in order to arrange for a payment of any additional links and/or stones.
Click here to learn more about our safety clasps.

If the ring you purchased from us is either too small or too big, you may send it back
to us for adjustment. We will make the necessary adjustments and send the ring back to
you – free of charge. If the ring purchased is an eternity ring (diamonds/gems set all around
the ring) and needs to be adjusted to a larger ring size, there may be a charge if additional
stones are required.
Click here to find your ring size.

Pendant: Anjolee offers 3 chain sizes: 16, 17 and 18 inch lengths. If you need to change
your pendant’s chain length, you may send us just the chain or the chain with the pendant
still attached. We will adjust the length and send the chain back to you – free of charge.