Jewelry as Art; Designer’s Perspective

Designer Perspective

Because jewelry is like art worn on the body, designing it with the human body in mind presents its own set of challenges. One of those challenges involves the ability to accentuate or compliment a part of the body, while at the same time function well in the area of comfort, durability, and movement. When I am thinking of a new design I have to ask myself not only how will it look on a body, but will it work and not appear awkward or out of place. How will it look lying against the breast bone? How will it look on the finger? How will it look hanging from the lobe of the ear?

Certain pieces of jewelry are more than just ornamental and decorative; it can become distinctive to the one wearing it. A bracelet for example, not only decorates the wrist, and hand, but it must leave the person adorning it undisturbed by becoming part of them. I think everyone has at least one piece of jewelry in their possession which symbolizes something special to them and this alone can change the way a person feels.

– Gina, Anjolee Jewelry Designer

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