Anjolee’s Green Manufacturing Process

Anjolee utilizes an environmentally friendly manufacturing process.Strict regulations on our waste recycling process ensure there is no unnecessary waste. All waste created during the production cycle is filtered so only a clean discharge goes back to the environment.The remaining material is sent to refining, or recycled to be used again.

Our Unique Process

Order Received

An Anjolee representative will review your order for accuracy and forward it to the production team to begin the manufacturing process. All necessary diamonds and/or gemstones are selected for each order and set aside for production in advance. All orders placed before 4pm (EST) are processed on the same day. Orders placed after 4pm (EST) are processed on the following day. Please note: Our three day production time begins immediately after the order is processed by Anjolee. Our production facility is open on weekdays only, Monday through Friday.

First Phase Of Production: Wax Model

The production process begins in the wax department. Each individual jewelry design has its own rubber mold for making replicas. The wax specialists begin by injecting liquid wax into the rubber mold. After the temperature cools, the wax is removed from the rubber mold. A wax tree (as pictured below) is used to hold all of the cooled wax. There is a separate wax tree used for each metal type (gold or platinum), color (yellow or white) and karat (10k, 14k or 18k).

Second Phase Of Production: Casting

After the tree setup is complete, the casting department pours liquid investment over the wax tree. Multiple molds are worked on at the same time to make the best use of time, space and energy. After the investment hardens, the casting team places the cylinder inside an oven. The trees stay overnight in an oven so the wax can evaporate, leaving only the investment. The investment is removed from the oven until the cylinder is completely cooled. At the same time, pure gold and metal alloys are mixed to create the desired metal type and color. First, gold and metal alloys are melted so the gold becomes a pure liquid. Liquid gold is then poured into the cylinder to form the jewelry. Once the gold solidifies inside the cylinder, the casting team breaks the investment open and recovers the tree. The wax tree is completely made of gold. The tree is sent to the cutting team where all the links are carefully cut off. The tree's stem is melted and re-used for future castings. After links are cut and sorted, they are separated for the various orders. y leftover casting investment is collected, securely packaged and transported safely offsite to an authorized landfill.

Third Phase Of Production: Assembly

After the metal links have been sorted, they are transferred to the assembly department. The assembly team is responsible for connecting the links together. After the piece has been assembled, it is measured to confirm that it is the correct length and the number of stones is correct based on the order. Anjolee's trained jewelers have years of industry experience and work on each order with the highest level of craftsmanship. Their incredible attention to detail assures that each jewelry item is manufactured with the finest quality standards. The assembled links are transferred to the jewelry department where they are soldered together. Any locks needed are attached as well as any last minute filing or touch ups. A master jeweler examines the quality of each piece and makes any necessary adjustments.

Fourth Phase Of Production: Polishing

The polishing department takes each jewelry item and performs cleaning, final touch-ups and polishing. Each stage in the polishing process has a quality control check to make sure the prior steps were completed correctly. There are three different types of brushes used to properly polish the jewelry. Additionally, our sophisticated dust collectors are used to ensure that all remaining metal particles are accounted for and re-used. Re-using this dust further eliminates any unnecessary waste disposal.

Fifth Phase Of Production: Stone Setting

After polishing, diamond jewelry is transferred to the diamond setting department. The diamonds have already been pre-sorted for the order. The stone setter carefully sets each diamond to ensure security and make sure the links are not compromised. The piece is transferred back to the polishing department for the final finishing steps.

Quality Control

After all the above steps are completed, each jewelry item is inspected for a thorough quality control check. The assembly, sturdiness of lock, stone setting, and polishing quality are inspected to make sure the jewelry item meets Anjolee's quality standards. The piece is sent to the production manager for a final inspection. If it passes the quality inspection steps it is transferred to the shipping department where it is securely packed and shipped to the customer. To complete the shipping process, the item is secured inside a deluxe wooden jewelry box and an email notification is sent to the customer confirming it was shipped.

We hope this information gives you a clear understanding of our unique and Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing process. If you have any questions regarding our production process, please contact us by email at service@anjolee.com or call us at 877-265-6533.