Find your perfect dimond bridal set with a wedding and engagement ring designed to match seamlessly with each other. Choose from classic solitaire, halo, red carpet or vintage designs all customizable by carat weight, diamond quality, metal type and ring size.

<p>What Is a Diamond Bridal Set / Wedding Set?</p><p>A bridal set, also known as a diamond wedding set consists of two rings – an engagement ring and a matching band. offers a wide selection of sets that are designed to perfectly match together, taking the guess work out of finding a matching band.</p><p>Is it worth buying a bridal set?</p><p>Whether it is better to buy just the engagement ring and purchase the band later is a personal choice, however, buying the matching set may be something to consider. Not only does it save you time, it also saves the hassle of worrying about measurements and fit, in addition to ensuring the metal type and stone quality will be the same.</p><p>How do you wear your engagement ring and wedding ring?</p><p>While there are no rules when it comes to wearing jewelry, traditionally the engagement ring and wedding band are worn on the left hand, with the wedding band closest to the heart and the engagement ring placed on top.</p><p>Matching Diamond Bridal Sets: Uniting Love and Craftsmanship</p><p>When it comes to wedding jewelry, the harmony between an engagement ring and a wedding band is as important as the harmony between the couple themselves. Anjolee’s matching diamond bridal sets are a perfect fusion of design and emotion, offering couples a seamless blend of style and symbolism. Today, Anjolee stands as the premier choice for brides-to-be seeking that perfect set to represent their union.</p><p>A Match Made in Heaven: Bridal Sets Rings</p>p>Anjolee’s bridal sets rings are meticulously designed to complement each other, ensuring that the engagement ring and wedding band fit together flawlessly. With options ranging from the timeless elegance of classic solitaires to the glamorous sparkle of halo and red-carpet designs, each set is a testament to Anjolee’s dedication to perfection. These sets are not just jewelry; they're wearable art that celebrates the beauty of commitment.</p><p>The variety in Anjolee’s collections means that every bride can find her perfect match. Whether you favor the intricate details of vintage bridal wedding ring sets or the clean simplicity of modern styles, each set is customizable to reflect your personal taste. From carat weight to diamond quality, metal type to ring size, Anjolee offers an array of choices to build your dream bridal set.</p><p>His and Hers: Bridal Ring Sets His and Hers</p><p>Anjolee acknowledges the unique story of every couple with our bridal ring sets his and hers. These sets are about more than just coordination; they're about celebrating the individual and shared tastes of the bride and groom. Diamond bridal sets offer a harmonious look, while still allowing for individual expression within the unity of the design.</p><p>The craftsmanship of our Diamond ring wedding band sets ensures that every detail, from the choice of diamond to the final polish, is executed with the utmost care. Anjolee’s commitment to quality is evident in sets that are designed to be as enduring as the love they symbolize, becoming cherished heirlooms for generations to come.</p><p>The Assurance of Quality: Engagement Rings and Bridal Sets</p><p>Anjolee’s promise of quality is backed by a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing that your engagement rings and bridal sets will always be as impeccable as on the day of your wedding. The warranty covers prong tightening, re-polishing, rhodium plating, and cleaning services—ensuring that your bridal jewelry remains as stunning as your memories.</p><p>The trust placed in Anjolee’s engagement rings with wedding band sets is well-founded. Each piece is inspected for quality, and any manufacturing defects are repaired free of charge. This dedication to care means that every Anjolee bride walks down the aisle with confidence, knowing her bridal set will stand the test of time.</p><p>Anjolee’s Smart Shopping Tools: A New Dimension of Choice</p><p>Anjolee elevates the bridal set selection process with cutting-edge tools that enhance the customer experience:</p><ul><li>360-degree views to inspect every angle of your chosen set.</li><li>3D Experience for a life-like preview of the rings.</li><li>Virtual Try-On using a mobile device for a realistic view of the rings on your hand.</li></ul><p>Choosing Anjolee means embracing a shopping experience that is as personalized and unique as the bridal set you select.</p><p>Why Anjolee Is the Ideal Choice for Bridal Sets</p><p>Anjolee is not just a jewelry brand; it's a beacon of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Here's why you should choose Anjolee for your bridal set:</p><ul><li>Attention to Detail: Each bridal set is crafted with precision, ensuring a flawless match between the engagement ring and the wedding band.</li><li>Lifetime Warranty: Anjolee’s promise of quality and care extends throughout the life of your jewelry, covering key maintenance services.</li><li>Customization at Your Fingertips: With extensive options to choose from, you can design a bridal set that truly reflects your union.</li><li>Innovative Shopping Tools: Explore and try on your bridal set virtually, providing confidence in your selection before making the final decision.</li></ul><p>By choosing Anjolee, you are not just preparing for a day but investing in a lifetime. The attention to detail, the exceptional service, and the timeless designs ensure that your bridal set is as eternal as the vows you exchange. Let Anjolee be a part of your journey, from the moment you say ‘yes’ to the countless anniversaries celebrated thereafter. With Anjolee, your bridal set will be a lasting emblem of your union, crafted with the same love that it celebrates.</p>