A diamond tennis necklace is a classic design that defines luxury and style. Available in graduated or riviera designs, our tennis necklaces are customizable by carat, length or metal type with only the highest quality diamonds expertly set into each link. Shop Anjolee?s collection of diamond tennis necklaces to find the perfect piece for every occasion!

<p>How do I select the style of a diamond tennis necklace?</p><p>There are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect tennis necklace style for you. First, consider whether you want your tennis necklace to be graduated, where there is a larger diamond in the center of the necklace with smaller diamonds graduating in size towards the clasp, or if you want it to be a riviera style tennis necklace where the stones are all the same size. Secondly, in terms of design, do you want each link to have three or four prongs? There are no clear advantages to the number of prongs you choose other than if you want more metal or less. If you want less metal, a three-prong option may be your preference. Shop from our collection of diamond tennis necklaces to find the perfect style for you!</p><p>What is the best precious metal to select for a diamond tennis necklace?</p><p>Selecting the best metal type for your tennis necklace is based on personal preference and price. Whether you select white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum each one looks incredible in a necklace. While white gold and platinum are the most popular choices and may appear to be similar, however, there is a price difference and platinum does have more weight to it than gold. Choosing a white colored precious metal creates a seamless look that can highlight the icy whiteness of a diamond. Finally, yellow gold is a classic choice and creates contrast between the diamonds and the metal. Shop our vast collection of tennis necklaces for women in order to find the perfect type for you!</p><p>What size do your necklaces come in?</p><p>The default length for our tennis necklaces is 16”, however, the length can be customized to whatever size you need. Some individuals prefer a longer tennis necklace that is closer to 17” or 18”. Our collection of customizable diamond tennis necklaces will offer you the perfect piece of jewelry to match your aesthetic.</p><p>Can I wear a tennis necklace everyday?</p><p>Similar to a tennis bracelet, tennis necklaces are versatile pieces that can be worn daily to finish off an outfit. Whether you are wearing it as part of an evening look or as a daily signature piece, you can’t go wrong in choosing this very popular style.</p><p>Diamond Tennis Necklaces: The Ultimate Symbol of Sophistication</p><p>Embrace the epitome of elegance with Anjolee's stuning collection of diamond tennis necklaces for women. From the classic grandeur of graduated designs to the modern allure of the diamond riviera necklace, these necklaces are customizable treasures, crafted to perfection with the highest quality diamonds set into each link. Discover the perfect piece to illuminate every occasion with Anjolee’s exquisite tennis necklaces.</p><p>The Timeless Appeal of Tennis Necklaces</p><p>Necklace tennis diamonds are the quintessence of luxurious style, having graced the necklines of celebrities and fashion aficionados alike. Originating from a memorable moment on the tennis court with Chris Evert, the diamond tennis necklace has since become a symbol of both sporty chic and opulent grace. Anjolee's collection honors this legacy by offering an array of diamond tennis necklaces that cater to diverse tastes and occasions.</p><p> Dazzling Designs for Discerning Tastes</p><p>Anjolee takes pride in its innovative designs, like the Timeless Dreams Tennis Necklace, which epitomizes the enduring style that never fades. Available in various lengths, metals, and carat weights, each necklace is customizable to your precise vision. Pair it with the matching Timeless Dreams Tennis Bracelet for a cohesive look that’s both classic and captivating.</p><p>The Riviera: A Statement of Luxury</p><p>The Timeless Dreams Riviera Diamond Necklace is a testament to Anjolee's craftsmanship, showcasing diamonds set into round links that minimize metal visibility for maximum sparkle. Customize this masterpiece to your liking, with options for chain lengths, metal choices, and diamond sizes, ensuring your Riviera necklace is as unique as it is dazzling.</p><p>Choosing the Perfect Diamond Tennis Necklace</p><p>Selecting the ideal diamond tennis necklace involves a mix of personal taste and understanding the nuances of diamond quality. Here are key factors to consider:</p><ul><li>Setting Your Budget: Define your budget to focus your search on necklaces that offer the best value within your price range.</li><li>Selecting the Right Metal: Choose from white, yellow, or rose gold, or platinum to complement your skin tone and style.</li><li>Evaluating Diamond Quality: Pay attention to the Four Cs—cut, color, clarity, and carat weight—to ensure your diamonds reflect your standards of beauty and brilliance.</li><li>Determining the Correct Length: Consider the length of the necklace to ensure it sits just right on your neckline, enhancing your outfit and features.</li></ul><p>The Anjolee Advantage</p><p>With Anjolee, selecting a diamond tennis necklace is an experience of luxury and precision. Our buying guide offers insights into style, length, and pairing options. If questions arise, Anjolee’s jewelry specialists are ready to assist, ensuring your choice is perfect. Anjolee stands out with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction:</p><ul><li>Smart Shopping Tools: Utilize 360-degree views and the 3D Experience for an in-depth look at your necklace.</li><li>Try-On Technology: With the virtual try-on feature, see how the necklace looks on you before making the purchase.</li><li>Customization: Tailor every aspect of your necklace, from diamond quality to metal type, creating a piece that’s truly yours.</li></ul><p>Embrace Timeless Elegance</p><p>Anjolee invites you to explore the splendor of diamond tennis necklaces. Whether you're drawn to the classic elegance of a tennis necklace or the bold statement of a Riviera design, Anjolee has the perfect piece waiting for you. With unmatched customization, quality assurance, and the Anjolee Guarantee, your diamond tennis necklace will be a cherished addition to your jewelry collection for years to come. Discover the perfect expression of luxury with Anjolee today.</p><p> The Allure of Diamond Tennis Necklaces</p><p>The diamond tennis necklace is a classic design that exudes luxury and style. Anjolee specializes in both graduated and Riviera designs, customizable by carat, length, and metal type, ensuring each necklace is a unique expression of personal taste. Expertly set with the highest quality diamonds, these tennis necklaces are versatile enough to elevate a casual outfit or add a dazzling touch to formal attire.</p><p> Riviera Necklaces: Timeless Elegance</p><p>The &#39;Riviera&#39; style, featuring similar sized diamonds all the way around, is a popular non-graduated design. This uniformity in diamond size creates a seamless flow of brilliance, making the Riviera necklace a sophisticated choice for those who prefer a consistent sparkle.</p><p>Graduated Necklaces: A Flow of Brilliance</p><p>In contrast, graduated necklace styles start with the largest stone at the center, tapering off with gradually smaller diamonds towards the clasp. This design draws attention to the neckline,making it a stunning choice for special occasions and formal wear.</p><p>Red Carpet and Fashion Diamond Necklaces</p><p>For those seeking a touch of Hollywood glamour, Anjolee&#39;s Red Carpet Diamond Necklaces are the epitome of sophistication. These pieces often feature double or triple row designs, offering an opulent aesthetic that&#39;s sure to turn heads.</p><p class="mt-2">On the other hand, the Fashion Diamond Necklaces collection caters to the avant-garde,presenting designs that are bold and contemporary. These pieces are for those who want their jewelry to be a conversation starter, reflecting a sense of daring style and modern elegance.</p><p>Investing in the Perfect Diamond Necklace</p><p>When choosing a diamond necklace, it&#39;s important to consider how it will fit into your lifestyle.Whether you&#39;re looking for something to wear to all events or a piece reserved for special occasions, Anjolee has an option to suit your needs. Each necklace is an investment in style and elegance, a timeless addition to your jewelry collection that will be cherished for years to come.</p><p>Customization with Anjolee</p><p>Anjolee&#39;s commitment to personalization allows each customer to create a necklace that truly reflects their individual style and preferences. Choose from a range of metals, diamond sizes,and designs to craft a necklace that&#39;s uniquely yours. With Anjolee, you&#39;re not just purchasing a piece of jewelry; you&#39;re creating a personal emblem of your style and elegance.</p><p>Diamond Necklaces — A Symphony of Elegance With Anjolee</p><p>Explore the exquisite range of diamond necklaces for women at Anjolee and discover the perfect diamond necklace for ladies that aligns with your taste and lifestyle. Whether it’s the timeless appeal of a tennis necklace, the bold statement of a fashion piece, or the understated elegance of a diamond pendant, Anjolee offers a symphony of choices, each echoing the beauty and sophistication of the wearer. Embrace the luxury and elegance of Anjolee’s diamond necklaces and let your style shine bright.</p>