Gold and Platinum Bracelets

Add a touch of luxury to your look with a gold bracelet or platinum bracelet hand crafted by our experienced jewelers in an array of styles and price points. Accessorize with understated elegance in your choice of gold or platinum.

<p>Is platinum or gold better for bracelets?</p><p>Gold in 14 or 18kt is a popular precious metal used in jewelry, with 14kt gold being a great option for both price and durability. Platinum is a heavier metal and an excellent choice for bracelets due to its strength and relatively minimal maintenance over time.</p><p>How loose should a bracelet be worn on your wrist? </p><p>A properly fitting bracelet should give enough room so that you can comfortably move your hand, but not so large that it will slip off or catch on things. We recommend a fit that allows two fingers to slip between your bracelet and wrist.</p><p>Can you stack a diamond bracelet with an all gold or platinum bracelet?</p><p>The simple answer is yes! When it comes to jewelry, there are no rules and different metals and styles can be layered together for an effortless look of opulence.</p>