Our signature red carpet collection of diamond tennis necklaces for women include brilliant, eye-catching single, double and triple strand designs that are the perfect gift for her graduation, birthday, or holiday present. Our designs feature graduated and riviera styles and are customize by carat, length, and by selecting 14K or 18K white, yellow or rose gold, or platinum.

<p>How much does a tennis necklace cost?</p><p>The cost of a tennis necklace will differ depending on the amount of diamonds used, the size of the diamonds and the type of precious metal chosen. Gold is less expensive than platinum and the smaller the diamonds, the lower the cost.</p><p>How do I select the best length for me?</p><p>All tennis necklaces on Anjolee can be customized to your desired length. Most select sizes between 16-18”. Choosing the best length depends on your neckline and style you are looking to achieve. Some may prefer a closer fitting, choker length (15-16”), while others may prefer a princess length (18-20”). For a longer matinee or opera length 21” and above will create a long, dramatic look.</p><p>How do I clean my tennis necklace?</p><p>It is easy to clean your diamond necklace yourself. Simply start by using a mixture of warm water and a few drops of mild dishwashing soap. Soak your necklace for 10-15 minutes and the gently brush the diamonds with a soft bristled toothbrush. Next, rinse your piece under warm water to remove the soap film. Finally, gently dry your necklace with a soft cloth.</p>