Our bracelets for men make an excellent gift, adding style and luxury to his look. We have mens bracelets in solid gold or platinum or set with round sparkling diamonds for a truly spectacular look that is versatile and timeless.

<p>Which wrist should I wear my bracelet on?</p><p>There are no rules, however, many wear their bracelet on the same wrist as their watch. Another consideration is to wear it on the least dominant hand so it doesn’t get in the way while you work.</p><p>How do I choose a men’s bracelet?</p><p>For an effortless look, you will want to consider proportions – if he has a thicker wrist, a wider band may look better, conversely if his wrist is thin, a smaller bracelet may be a good choice. Secondly, consider his personal style – does he prefer a flashy look with lots of diamonds, or something more subtle that may include more metal and less sparkle. Finally, where will be the bracelet be worn? Is it an everyday piece that will rarely be taken off or a piece for special occasions.</p>