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Our luxurious red carpet inspired diamond bracelet designs are a bold statement of luxury that will turn heads. Select your favorite design from our collection of single row, double row or triple row tennis bracelets, all customizable by length, carat weight and diamond quality in you choice of gold or platinum.

<p>What diamond color and clarity should I choose?</p><p>The answer for diamond color will depend on the metal color you choose for your bracelet. If you are selecting yellow or rose gold, you can drop down the scale on diamond color and go with one that may have warmer tones. If you choose white gold or platinum, diamonds with a yellowish hue may appear more noticeable. All diamonds at Anjolee are graded at a minimum near colorless on the diamond color scale.</p><p>The importance of clarity will depend on the size of diamonds going in the bracelet. In pieces where each diamond is smaller in size, it is not easy to spot imperfections without special equipment. Where the stones are larger – half carat and above, you may want to select diamonds that are SI2 in clarity or better, so that you won’t be able to see any inclusions in the stones.</p><p>How do I take care of my tennis bracelet?</p><p>As with all fine jewelry, it is a good idea to have it serviced by a reputable jeweler every few years to ensure the bracelet remains clean and problem free. Depending on the frequency of wear, you may want to have your bracelet inspected more or less often. You can also clean it yourself at home, using a solution of mild soap and warm water with a soft cloth.</p>