Classic Twist Gemstone and Diamond Bracelet

New Bracelet Design

Classic Twist Gemstone and Diamond Bracelet

Gemstone Bracelet, Style # B8

Fabulous addition to the Gemstone Bracelet Collection announced today

The newest gemstone bracelet proves that sometimes a classic piece of jewelry is the way to go! The ‘Classic Twist Diamond and Gemstone Bracelet’ style # B8 features a gold or platinum “twist” link ended by a diamond on each side of an oval shaped gemstone of your choice. You can select from the following colored gems:  topaz, garnet, citrine, sapphire, amethyst or peridot. This bracelet can be customized to include a single color gemstone or multiple color gemstones for a unique look. The total diamond weight of this gemstone bracelet is .26ct. I’ve seen it in white gold and yellow gold and my personal preference is for the white gold version with garnets! Choose the birthstone of the person you are buying it for to make it a special gift.

For more about gemstone and diamond bracelets, including the style above, please visit Anjolee’s Gemstone Bracelets

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