Our collection of fashion diamond rings for women offer a variety of designs that are elegant, stylish and customizable. Create your unique design by mixing and matching diamonds and gems, and selecting 14K or 18K white, yellow or rose gold, or platinum to design a personalized ring perfect for an engagement, anniversary or birthday gift.

<p>What is a fashion ring?</p><p>Typically, a fashion ring is worn for decorative purposes, rather than for symbolic meaning. Often, it makes a bold statement due to its size or design.</p><p>What are some fashion ring styles?</p><p>With an endless variety of designs to choose from, fashion rings are a wonderful way to have fun with your jewelry and wear something different.</p><p>Diamond Bands - Diamonds don’t have to be exclusively on engagement rings and wedding bands, they can also be worn as everyday accessories as whimsical statements of personal style. Cocktail rings are another</p><p>Stackable Rings - As suggested by their name, stackable rings can be put together on top of each other for a modern fashion statement. Fun and versatile, one doesn’t need to pair the same metal type or color on one finger. You can mix and match metals, stones and designs together to create your own unique stack.</p><p>Cocktail Rings - Designed to make a bold statement, a cocktail ring typically features an oversized center stone. Once considered only for special occasions, today, there are no set rules when it comes to jewelry and cocktail rings can be worn everyday as a fun fashion piece.</p><p>Are fashion rings made of real diamonds and gold?</p><p>All items on, including fashion rings, are made to order based on the precious metal you select (14 or 18kt gold or platinum) with real diamonds and/or gems. We do not sell plated or filled jewelry.</p>