Service & Care

Anjolee is proud to offer complimentary cleaning and inspection services. Simply contact us to arrange this service at no additional charge. You can also use the following cleaning and preservation tips to keep your jewelry looking as clean and sparkly as the day you received it.

Perform Regular Cleaning

Depending on how often you wear an item, it is best to clean it every few weeks. When immersed in different liquids such as dishwater or even just hand soap, your jewelry items can acquire a coat of film from everyday life. Lotions, perfumes and skin oils can accumulate on your jewelry causing it to look dull and/or dirty.

You have two options for a gentle cleaning, and the method you choose depends on the amount of residue that is on your jewelry. You can soak and wash the piece in warm sudsy water using a mild liquid dish detergent. Then, dry with a soft, lint-free cloth to help restore luster to metals and insure there are no watermarks on stones. Otherwise, you can use ethyl alcohol or household ammonia on a soft cloth to gently wipe down the jewelry.

Avoid household chlorine solutions when cleaning your jewelry. Chlorine is a strong, harsh chemical that can alter or pit alloy metals. Jewelry can be considered an investment, so be sure to take close care.

If your jewelry looks dull or lifeless even after a cleaning, you may want to take it to your jewelry professional and have a professional cleaning done.

Properly Store Your Diamond Jewelry

Although diamond jewelry is very durable and tough, it is still jewelry and should be properly stored to preserve its original condition.

Use a quality jewelry box with interiors made specifically to safely protect and store your jewelry. Separate compartments for each piece are ideal, as they prevent rubbing. The best thing you can do to safely store your jewelry is to take an extra step and wrap the item in a soft cloth or pouch and carefully place it in the jewelry box. Pieces of jewelry should never be allowed to come into contact with other pieces. All metals can scratch, and a diamond or diamond stone can scratch any other jewelry.