Finishing Types

Levels of Finish: Semi-mount vs. Finished

Anjolee offers both semi-mount and finished options for many of our jewelry designs. If you already have a center diamond or precious stone you would like to set, you can choose the semi-mount option during the customization process and purchase the item with only the side stones.

Finished Jewelry

This includes complete and ready-to-wear jewelry that is polished and set with all stones.

Semi-Finished Jewelry

Semi-finished jewelry is partially complete and typically set with accent gems. Due to increased flexibility and extreme variety of cost of larger gemstones (based on quality and size), the center setting is incomplete. This way, a jeweler can remount your existing gemstone, set an in-stock gemstone, or purchase a new gem based on your own preference.

Semi-Mount with Head

This type refers to a polished and set piece with side stones or melee and is complete with a fixed head. The center stone itself remains to be set.

Semi-Mount without Head

Set with side stones or melee, but with no head or center stone. The center setting itself still needs to be installed and set.

Unfinished Jewelry

This refers to jewelry which is available in different degrees of finish.


A raw casting is one that needs to be sanded, polished, and, if needed, set with stones.


A semi-polished piece of jewelry has been tumbled but needs a final polish and all stones to be set.


A polished jewelry item is complete pertaining to finishing, but all stones still must be set if needed.


Findings are components or parts used in the making of jewelry (for example, heads, earwires, basket settings, jump rings, posts, etc.).