Platinum & Other Metals

Platinum has many benefits that make it a desirable material for fine jewelry. With a silvery white finish, platinum enhances the appearance of diamonds. Known as one of the most pure and precious metals used for jewelry making, platinum is a luxurious metal with a greater longevity than gold or silver. When platinum is scratched, it does not lose any metal and will not wear with time.

All platinum jewelry sold on Anjolee has the platinum 950 mark which means it is 95.2% pure platinum combined with other alloys such as cobalt 2.8% and copper 2.0%. When comparing to 18k white gold, platinum is similar in appearance but will weigh more and have a higher durability due to the softness and purity of 18k gold. Platinum is used for all jewelry types including bridal rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. To help preserve the look of your platinum jewelry, you should regularly use a soft cloth as a buffer to keep it looking shiny. When storing your platinum jewelry, keep it separate from other pieces to avoid scratching. Storing it in a soft cloth bag or individual jewelry box is preferred.

Alternative Metal Types:

Reference Table for Metal Types
MetalColorFinishWorking PropertiesHypo-AllergenicEmergency Removal
Yellow GoldBright yellow to yellow Shows scratches, polishes as worn Malleable, wears over time NoN/A
White Gold White with a yellow
Shows scratches, polishes as worn Rigid, more brittle than platinum, wears over time NoN/A
PlatinumWhite with a cool undertone
Resistant to wear, shows scratches, dulls to satin finish Malleable but dense. Maintains surface embellishment such as engraving and milgrain YesN/A
PalladiumSilvery-white with a gray undertone Resistant to wear, shows scratches, slowly dulls to satin finish Similar to platinum but with less weight YesN/A
Sterling Silver Silvery-white with a slight pink undertone Shows scratches, polishes as worn, tarnishes Malleable, less suitable for everyday jewelry because it wears away more quickly NoN/A
TitaniumGrayWill show signs of wear, but can be polished Lightweight, shatterproof YesMotorized Ring Cutter
Dura Cobalt®WhiteWill show signs of wear, but can be polished ShatterproofYesMotorized Ring Cutter
Dura Tungsten®Gray White, Black (topcoat) Will remain polished with no maintenance Heavy, substantial feel, can fracture or break YesTungsten / Ceramic
Ring Cracker
Ceramic Coutureâ„¢Black, White, Pink (throughout) Maintains its finish Can breakYesTungsten / Ceramic
Ring Cracker
Stainless SteelGrayish WhiteCan be machined or cast. Will show signs of wear but can be polished Shatterproof YesMotorized Ring Cutter


Palladium is a member of the platinum metal group and is a soft, silvery-white color with slightly gray undertones. It is also used in an almost pure form in jewelry, 95%.


Silver is a soft, lustrous metal that is very malleable and silvery-white in color. Sterling silver is less expensive to buy than gold or platinum.